Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Old Friends

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SIZE: 8x10 including mat
EDITIONS: 1 (Original)
MEDIA: Acrylic and Pen/Ink on illustration board
MAT: Custom mat with Original remarque in corner
FRAME: None (but will fit in standard 8x10 frame)
CREATED: September 2008

This piece shows a pair of old cowboy boots that have seen better days.
If these old boots could only talk ... they'd certainly have a story or two to tell!


Blogger ltmjr said...

Need some information on a painting Mr. Zivic did for one J.R. Branson back in 1992. The Painting was of Clint Eastwood from Clint's man with no name days, the trilogy he did. Was wondering who J.R Branson was and if this was the only painting Mr. Zivic did of Clint Eastwood. Please reply at

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