Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dry Well

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SIZE: 8x10 including mat
EDITIONS: 1 (Original)
MEDIA: Acrylic and Pen/Ink on illustration board
CATEGORY: Painting
MAT: Custom mat with Original remarque in corner
FRAME: NO FRAME (item fits into Standard 8x10 frame)
CREATED: January 2010
PRICE: $75.00
SHIPPING: FREE (via USPS Priority Mail)

A rancher climbs a windmill to investigate why there is no water being pumped into this well.

In the Old West, the development of the water-pumping windmill was the major factor in allowing the farming and ranching of vast areas of North America, which were otherwise devoid of readily accessible water.

It`s ironic that this GREEN form of energy was used as far back as the 1880`s.

This item features an Oval mat.


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