Thursday, September 25, 2008

Three Amigos

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SIZE: 14 inches wide
EDITIONS: 1 (Original)
MEDIA: Acrylic and Pen/Ink on artifact
CATEGORY: Artifact Art
MAT: None
FRAME: None -- mounted on board
HANGING METHOD: Sawtooth hanger (like standard painting)
CREATED: September 2008
PRICE: $100.00
SHIPPING: FREE (via USPS Priority Mail)

In this Artifact Art piece, a cowboy, his horse, and his dog sit and ponder atop a grassy hill. The piece is painted on an old saw and mounted on a rustic board with sawtooth hangar for easy display on a wall. A horseshoe of historical significance (see Artist Note below) is also mounted on the handle to give the piece added authenticity.

I cut this saw down in size to make it more compact as a painting. It is an Original acrylic and has five hidden images throughout the painting.

The horseshoe mounted on the handle came from the former John Wayne Red River Ranch in Stanfield, Arizona.


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